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Christmas Trees - Available from November 20th 2020

We are pleased to announce that we will be selling fresh cut Christmas Trees from both our shop near Doncaster College from Friday the 20th of November and outside of Go Outdoors near Rossington from the 27th of November. Home delivery also available.

We obviously want our customers to still enjoy picking their own tree but we ask you to respect fellow customers and staff by keeping to the social distance guidelines.

You can still browse and pre order/purchase our trees using our click and collect options below and over here on our Christmas tree page, where all our trees, stands and barrels can be viewed and ordered.



Nordmann real living potted Christmas Trees

Premium quality real living potted Christmas trees..

  • Can be placed outside in the garden after Christmas and can be used repeatedly, eliminating the need to keep buying new trees.
  • Unlike other varieties, Nordmann’s are excellent at retaining their foliage, so that means less time cleaning up after them.
  • With regular watering and occasional feeding, these trees will last a long time. Little pruning is required, just the occasional trim to keep its shape.

Nordmann Firs are much loved for their symmetrical shape, hardiness and their glossy dark green foliage which is lightly scented. The Nordmann Fir is blessed with excellent needle retention, unlike some varieties, it will hold on to its needles as long as possible, they will start to slightly curl inward rather than completely fall off at first. This means less hoovering and more time admiring the beautiful foliage of this tree. The tree itself requires very little training or pruning, while it is outside a slight trim once or twice a year to help keep its shape is usually all that is required.


Nordmann Fir - Low needle drop Christmas tree

The Nordman Fir is probably the most popular Christmas tree in this Country and one of the reasons being that it has a lovely symmetrical shape, with strong branches.

  • The needles are shiny, mid green and soft to touch, making it ideal for all members of the family to decorate.
  • The Nordman Fir can be quite a wide tree, so you will need a reasonable space to show this tree off to its best advantage - for a 6ft tree allow approximately 5ft.
  • The Nordman Fir is a low needle drop tree.
  • Some trimming can be done to this bushy tree, if its slightly to big for your space. Please be warned though, that this will cause moisture to be released from your tree, leading to it drying out sooner. This can result in needle drop. Be sure to keep your tree well watered throughout the Christmas season.


Norway Spruce

The Norway Spruce Christmas Tree is what most people think of as the traditional tree at Christmas time. This tree has its own unique scent, feel and shape that will remind you of a traditional Christmas. The needles are mid to dark green and a bit prickly to touch, but the strong branches make it an ideal tree to decorate.

Please note* We strongly recommend that the Norway Spruce is only used in outdoor situations, as their needle retention is not good in warm buildings.


Fraser Fir - Low Needle drop Christmas tree


The Fraser Fir is a pyramid shaped tree with flat, shiny deep green needles. The foliage is dense and soft - an ideal tree for all members of the family to decorate.

  • The leaders on Fraser Firs can sometimes be slightly squint which adds to the character of the tree.
  • The Fraser Fir is generally a narrow tree making it ideal where space is at a premium, and often, but not always, has a wonderful Christmassy perfume.
  • This beautiful tree is also a low needle drop variety.



Our turf is locally grown and some of the best you will find in the Doncaster region. Both durable and hardwearing, this turf will make a great family lawn!

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Top Soil

Our top soil is ideal for both planting or as a perfect base for laying your turf on!
Bulk discounts available.

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Bespoke garden designs and landscaping service in Doncaster and South Yorkshire. Contemporary and traditional designs by Pleveys

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Tree Surgery

Pleveys Tree surgeons in Doncaster, South Yorkshire offer a pruning, crown reduction and lifting, thinning, pollarding, felling and stump removal service!

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Lawn Care & Grass Seed

We supply a large range grass care products like lawn food, Autumn feed & mosskiller, feed, weed and mosskiller and turf dressing from suppliers such as J Arthur Bowers, Westland, Scotts and Elliotts. We also stock a variety of quality grass seeds to suit any front or back garden.

You can view our Lawn care page here or browse some of our popular products below, all available for click and collect or home delivery!



With Brands like Clover, Levingtons, Premium Horticulture and Dalefoot, we supply some of the best growing mediums around. From multi purpose compost to grow-bags, potting compost to organic compost, we also supply the John Innes range!

You can view our Compost page here or browse some of our popular products below, all available for call and collect, click and collect or home delivery!



All of your favourite fertilisers from Bonemeal to Growmore, Sulphate of Potash to Superphosphate available to buy online or by calling us on 01302 327311.

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Vegetable seeds

We now have both our Suttons and Thompson & Morgan range in store for the 2020/21 growing seasons with over 500 varieties available. We will keep adding more to our online catalogue but if there are any varieties not displayed, you can give us a call on 01302 327311 and we can check availability for you.

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Calor Gas

Pleveys are an approved stockist of Calor Gas bottles in Doncaster. We stock the complete range which includes patio heater gas, BBQ gas, Heater gas and Commercial usage gas!

Sand & Stone

We have a large selection of locally sourced aggregates from sharp sand to pea gravel, Limestone to plum slate!
Available to purchase by the tonne or in handy sized 20kg(approx) bags!

Garden Tools

Find the best tools and gardening equipment at Pleveys. We make garden maintenance easy with an extensive selection of useful machinery and tools.

Gift Cards

Why not give one of our gift cards as a present this Christmas! Buy now

Plants & Bedding

Bedding plants don’t all have to be petunias and marigolds! As well as the more common bedding plants there are a huge range of annual bedding plants you can grow for height, scent and colour, from cornflowers and sweet peas to Rudbeckia and zinnias

Garden Supplies

We stock over 2000 of your favourite garden products, from plant pots to planters, runner beans to grass seed Plevey's you will find everything you need!.

Pest Control & Insecticides

Whether its greenfly or blackfly, caterpillars or aphids, mice or rats, Pleveys has a product to help!

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The Beginnings
We are a family run firm, established 40 years ago. Our Dad (Gary) began a landscape gardening business, which he did after delivering milk on his milk round! Our Mum (Pat) had a delivery round too, selling fresh cream, cheeses and yogurts to local Restaurants, Hotels and Bakeries.
The Garden Corner
She sold this business and our Mum & Dad bought the Garden Corner almost 30 years ago. They ran the landscape gardening business, as well as our busy garden shop until their retirement in 2010. At this time they felt their sons working within the business had sufficiently "learned the ropes" - the jury is still out on this one!
The Future
We now look after the garden shop in Doncaster, the landscape gardening business and in 2011 took on the Christmas Tree sales at Don Valley Outdoor Centre, Rossington. We have been selling Christmas Trees from our Doncaster site for around 30 years. The venture at Rossington has enabled us to have a fantastic display site, with over 150 trees on display at any one time for you to choose yourself that perfect Christmas Tree!

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