We supply a wide range of composts and other growing media. From multi purpose compost to grow-bags, potting compost to organic compost, we also supply the John Innes range.


Clover Compost Range

Clover offers a consistent, high quality Multi Purpose Compost with a nutrient enriched formula and wetting agent to ensure easier watering. Used for seed sowing, potting, containers and hanging baskets.

Also available is Ericaceous compost for those lime hating varieties you might have in your garden.


John Innes Composts

The main purposes for John Innes are:

  • Sowing of seeds and rooting cuttings
  • large seed sowing
  • Pricking out, potting up
  • Final potting and mature plants

All of the John Innes products, simply offer a different level of nutrients to boost initial growth all the way until the final result.


Grow bags

A high quality full size growing bag containing all the nutrients required to grow a wide variety of edible and ornamental crops. Clover growing bags contain specially formulated compost for growing a wide range of plants including Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Aubergines, Peppers and Courgettes.


Premium compost range

Premium Seed & Modular compost, Potting and Pot Bedding  contain high quality feed that fertilises your plants for up to 6 weeks! A wetting agent is added to assist watering and re-wetting. For more information, click the image.

High quality seed and modular compost or Potting compost....choose the right one for you.


Groworganic Fertiliser

Groworganic not only conditions the soil, but breaks down clay and takes the backache out of gardening, it's safe with lime haters and no matter what condition your soil, hard sticky clay, sand or even dust Groworganic will produce healthy bumper crops of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants - year in and year out.

Assisted by DEFRA - a department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who help to ensure that the product is of the highest standard - Groworganic is a healthy way to grow your crops and be kind to the environment. So start using Groworganic now and grow the natural way!

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6x Pelleted Poultry Chicken Manure

A 100% natural organic fertiliser with a balanced pH of 6.8. It's environmentally friendly, contains no peat or chemicals and is oven heated at over 250°C to provide a sterilised, weed and pathogen free natural organic fertiliser. Since 6X Natural Fertiliser is six times richer than farmyard manure, it provides balanced nutrition for shrubs, flower beds, vegetables and lawns and is extraordinarily economical.  It is also available in pelleted form for use in spreaders. Concentrated, easy to spread and odourless, our pelleted chicken fertiliser is available in two convenient sizes. One or two handfuls per square metre for vegetables, soft fruits, flowers. A dissolved handful in one gallon of water for an excellent liquid feed. Scatter a handful on each layer of garden waste to enrich the compost. Also ideal for lawn feed at one handful per square metre.


Nitrogen(N) 5% |  Phosphorous(P) 3.3% | Potassium(K) 2.2%  PH 6.5 - 7.0

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Fertilisers and top soil...

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