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Chempak Calcium 750gms


Chempak Calcium boosts crop growth and helps prevent disorders such as blossom end rot, lettuce tip burn and apple bitter pit. A specially formulated plant food which provides a rapid uptake of calcium and nitrogen, Chempak Calcium offers multipurpose action for improved growth, higher yields and healthy plants and can be used for fruit, vegetables, tomatoes, bedding plants etc.

Calcium is an important plant food required by all plants in moderate quantities. A deficiency has serious effects on plant growth. Chempak Calcium provides both water soluble nitrogen and calcium which are essential elements for plants. This unique property has advantages not found in other fertiliser, making it one of the most valuable nutritional products on the market today..

How and where to use for:

  • Early starter for seedlings, bedding and pot plants:
    Use once pricked out and potted up as needed to boost growth. Liquid feed at 1 teaspoonful (5g) to 5 litres of water.
  • Brassicas, Lettuce, Celery, Leeks, etc:
    Liquid feed at all stages to boost growth and prevent tip burn. One teaspoonful (5g) to 5 litres of water.
  • Apples: 50g to 5 litres of water (add a few drops of detergent or Chempak wetting agent). Spray from early June at three week intervals until three weeks before harvest.
  • Tomatoes: 25g to 10 litres of water. Use 1 litre per plant weekly. Remove fruit affected by Blossom End Rot. Never allow plants to dry out.
  • Potatoes: Two applications each of 35g/sq. metre (1oz/sq. yd) during ‘bulking’, one month after planting and one month later.
  • Fruit Trees: Two applications each of 25g/sq. metre (1oz/sq. yd) under the drip line area, one in April and one in June.
  • Hydroponics: Chempak Calcium being fully soluble is indispensable for crops grown hydroponically, in rockwool or N.F.T. Use as directed in hydroponic nutrient instructions.

Storage: Chempak Calcium is a white granular product, highly soluble in water, so it is important to store the pack in dry conditions and to re-seal carefully after use.

Free Measuring Spoon & Feeding Guide included with every pack.

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