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Chempak No.8 – Low Nitrogen Feed 750gms


Chempak 8 Low Nitrogen – A summer fertiliser for heathers, confiers and other plants. Useful for building up vegetables

A fully soluble lower nitrogen plant food for mature growth. All Chempak Soluble Plant Foods contain seven essential trace elements, far more than ordinary soluble fertiliser. These trace elements are absolutely necessary to plant growth and serious disorders can occur if any are absent. They are fully soluble which means they start to work instantly.

  • (N:P:K – 12.5:25:25
  • Plant food for mature growth
  • Fully soluble which means they start to work instantly

Where to use:
Chempak Formula 8 has a lower nitrogen content, but offers extra phosphate and potash, which matures growth and encourages a firm ripe finish to onions, leeks and other vegetables.

Use on: Alpines, delphiniums, sweet peas, bonsai, heathers, onions, cacti, lawns, leeks, conifers, orchids and runner beans.

How and when to use:

Normal Strength Use: Dissolve 2 level measures of crystals in 5 litres (approx.1 gallon) of water and apply to your plants every 7 to 10 days. Ensure the soil or compost is well moistened.

For more frequent use: Some gardeners prefer to use dilute feed more often. Dissolve 1 level measure in 10 litres of water and apply at every watering. At this strength this pack will make over 1,600 litres of plant food.

Professional tips:

  • Onions & Leeks: Feed weekly from early stages. Increase frequency to twice a week when fruiting to improve quality and yield.
  • Lawns: For an autumn lawn feed dissolve 4oz in 2 gallons of water and apply to 16 sq. yds from August onwards.
  • Ericaceous Plants: Use on any established lime-hating plants like Azalea, Rhododendron and Camellia. The trace elements will help prevent and cure chlorosis.

Free Measuring Spoon & Feeding Guide included with every pack.

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