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7ft Norway Spruce Christmas Tree(210cms)


The Norway Spruce Christmas Tree is what most people think of as the traditional tree at Christmas time. This tree has its own unique scent, feel and shape that will remind you of a traditional Christmas. The needles are mid to dark green and a bit prickly to touch, but the strong branches make it an ideal tree to decorate.

Please note* We strongly recommend that the Norway Spruce is only used in outdoor situations, as their needle retention is not good in warm buildings.

Buyers guide to measuring for your Christmas Tree

Before buying your real Christmas tree, we’d suggest watching this helpful video.

1 – We advise you to measure your space carefully in order for us to pick you the best tree to suit your home. This will give you an idea of the overall space that you will have for your tree. You can input the approximate width/diameter of your space within the checkout page. This is optional and as standard, we’d like to give you the fullest tree we have available. You can also trim some of the foliage back if your tree is a little bigger than your available space. Please be aware though, that this will release moisture from within the tree and it could dry out and start to drop its needles. A water/hydro stand would be recommended for rehydrating your tree throughout the Christmas season.

2 – The diameter of your Christmas tree stand opening(see diagram) should also be measured before choosing your tree. This will allow you to choose the correct size tree for your stand and help guide us on when picking your tree. You can input the diameter on the checkout page. See below for guidance.

3 – Any decorations that you intend to place on the leader branch(top) of your tree, should be factored in to the overall height of your tree. We advise for you to NOT cut the leader branch. We can always cut your tree down a few inches by removing excess from the bottom of the tree before delivery.

Home delivery – All home deliveries will be booked in advance. 

  • 1 – 6 miles – £10
  • 7 – 12 miles – £16
  • 13 – 20 miles – £30


  • Appointments for collection are available in the checkout.

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