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Perlite – 20 litres


Perlite is very good for rooting cuttings, seed raising, potting composts, soil conditioning and turf dressing due to its ability to absorb and hold vast amounts of air and moisture which improves aeration and drainage.

  1. Perlite speeds up rooting, reduces risk of damping off, provides an optimum balance of air and water, and makes water logging almost impossible. It also minimises damage to roots and check to growth during transplanting.
  2. For seed raising, it encourages quicker germination, improved seedling growth and less check when pricking-out or potting on. In potting composts, it improves aeration, draining and insulation, and also facilitates re-wetting
  3. Perlite can also be used to open up ready-mixed loam or peat-based composts. It also improves the texture of heavy silt or clay soils by increasing aeration and drainage and minimises the tendency to ‘cap’ over germinating seeds, and lasts for many years.
  4. Finally, Perlite improves aeration and drainage in compacted and poorly drained areas on old turf and also helps the establishment of new turf. It greatly assists the air-moisture balance and ensures better root development and turf growth. Greens will show improved resilience and greater tolerance in use under extreme weather conditions – wet or dry.

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