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What are the benefits...?

It Is Good for Your Heart

Growing your own food is linked with many health and wellness benefits:-

Planting, weeding and watering your garden is a form of exercise that is easily incorporated into your daily routine.

Gardening is a leisurely way to spend time outside in the fresh air with the sun on your back, making us both mentally and physically healthier.

As you begin to grow your own fruit and vegetables your interest in fresh, healthy produce piques – this is reflected in your eating habits as you begin to enjoy the fresh food you have grown.

Gardening can be seen as a break from the every day stresses of life

Better for the Environment

Growing your own food has many environmental benefits:

Organically grown food reduces air and water pollution as herbicides or pesticides are not used.

Home-grown food does not need to be transported from source to market. This reduces air pollution as planes, ships, trucks and cars are not used to bring the food to your plate.

Food waste is reduced as you are less likely to let food soil or be thrown out once you have worked hard to produce it.

Less packaging is used.

Improves Overall Well Being

Gardens can work wonders when we are stressed and under pressure.

Gardening can help us achieve the 'five ways to wellbeing using gardens and nature'. Through them we can connect, be active, take notice, learn and give.

Around one in four people per year in England experience a mental health problem of some kind, according to Mind. This makes the role of gardening so important, particularly when the NHS is stretched.

Gardens can be relaxing. Just looking at a green space can help us de-stress. They can also give us a sense of achievement, boosting confidence and self-esteem.