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Neopeat – coco coir block – peat free compost 65 – 70L


Neopeat is a compressed coir, organic, peat-free growing medium which acts as a soil substitute or conditioner.

  • Peat free
  • Enhances aeration
  • It retains water like a sponge
  • Improves physical & biological condition of soil.
  • Encourages strong, healthy root systems for bigger, better yields.
  • One block will provide a good wheelbarrow full of growing medium.

Just add water approx. 23 litres of water and stir Neopeat until it’s light and fluffy. Will expand to approx. 65-70 litres

Can be used to fill hanging baskets and planters, or mix with topsoil for boosting your flowerbeds.

Please note: Appropriate fertiliser will be needed alongside this product.

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