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Golden Gourmet – 500 grams


Golden Gourmet shallot sets.

This superb variety will consistently produce heavy crops of good flavoured shallots that keep well for several months. Plant from February onwards.. A great beginner variety.

How to grow

  • Plant the sets 2cm (¾in) deep in drills or gently push them individually into loose soil, so the tip is just showing at the surface.
  • Space them 15–20cm (6–8in) apart, in rows 30–45cm (12–18in) apart.
  • Firm the soil around the sets and water well
  • Some gardeners like to sprinkle granular onion fertiliser around the base of each set as you plant them.


Water shallots in prolonged dry spells every fortnight, but stop watering once the Sets have swollen in mid-summer. Watering spring-planted crops after mid-summer can mean they store less successfully.
Try to avoid overhead watering, as this can encourage fungal diseases.

Special Note: shallot sets are simply small, immature shallots, which have been lifted and dried to prevent any further growth. Once planted in spring the sets grow in size.

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