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Fish, Blood and Bone – 5:5:6.5 – 5kg


Fish, Blood and Bone is a general purpose plant food which provides the major nutrients required for strong healthy growth. The fertiliser provides immediate and slow release nitrogen for ideal plant growth. It’s suitable for use on most types of flowers and ideal for feeding fruit and vegetables. It’s easy to apply directly to the soil before or after planting and promotes lush foliage and heavier cropping. Contains nitrogen for active leaf and stem growth, potash for healthy growth, flowering and fruit and vegetable development and phosphorus for strong, healthy roots.

  • Great for flowers, fruit and vegetables
  • Provides all the major nutrients required for strong growth
  • Promotes lush foliage and heavier crops
  • Feeds for up to 6 weeks
  • NPK 5-5-6

Warning: Store away from children, pets and foodstuffs.

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Weight 5 kg