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Radar(Yellow Winter) over wintering onion sets – 500 grams


Radar(Yellow Winter) over wintering onion sets 500 grams – approx 100 sets.

Radar onion sets are an improved Japanese variety, perfect for autumn planting when they can be harvested from late May. Radar is loved for its mild flavour storage potential; under the right conditions it will store for about a year. A good variety with resistance to bolting.

Superb when eaten fresh & stores well into the autumn.

Radar are an over wintering onion sets and can usually be planted between September and December.

***Please note, the grower has notified us that the E.U has now enforced a name change for this variety. From 2020, It will be known as ‘Yellow Winter’.

Growing to a height of around 45cm (18in) and a spread of 15cm (6in). Overwintered onions are in the ground a lot longer than their summer counterparts – roughly 300 days. Because of this, they have more time to develop a vigorous root system, which means they grow more strongly on heavy soils. In addition, overwintering types do most of their growing during spring, when soil moisture is plentiful. They mature and dry down in early summer when the days are at their longest. All these factors add up getting larger onions with less effort.

Since these onions are ready to harvest between June and early July, the, usually dry weather we receive then is much more conducive to good curing.

  • A great size onion, well known for its flavour.
  • The ideal onion to add to any meal you wish.
  • Great for growing at the allotment or in your vegetable patch at home.
  • 500 grams – approx 100 sets.

How to grow?.

  • Plant onion sets in rows in any firm, well drained soil in full sun.
  • Prepare the planting area several weeks in advance by incorporating some well rotted garden compost to improve drainage and soil fertility. Avoid planting onions on freshly manured soil.
  • On particularly wet ground, try growing onion sets in raised beds.
  • Plant the bulbs so that the tip of bulb is just protruding through the soil surface.
  • Leave a space of 10cm (4″) between each bulb, and 30cm (12″) between each row.

Special Note: Onion sets are simply small, immature onions, which have been lifted and dried to prevent any further growth. Once planted in spring the sets grow in size and each one forms a full-sized bulb when ready to harvest.

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