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Nicola seed potatoes – Summer Planting/Christmas Potatoes


Nicola is a second early seed potato with well-shaped oval potatoes. The skin is thin and very light brown with cream coloured flesh. It’s one of the best tasting new potatoes and is superb hot or cold

What is special about summer planting seed potatoes?

These government classified seed potatoes, which are grown on specialist farms, are harvested during autumn. They are held in cool, temperature controlled stores until June the following year when they are graded and distributed to retailers, for sale to gardeners.

The seed potatoes grow very quickly when they are buried in the warm summer soil, producing good numbers of small, uniformly shaped potatoes, as the days shorten into autumn. The varieties of potatoes suitable for second cropping are specially selected by our technical team as proven winners (they have to be ? we don’t want disappointed gardeners!).

Summer planting seed potatoes are best planted from mid-June through to the end of July and are normally ready for harvest during October. The seed potatoes can be planted directly into gardens or allotments or they can be grown in containers. The key is to leave the seed potatoes in the soil or containers once they have finished growing, although it is vital to ensure the crop is protected from frost with a fleece, polytunnel or some sort of covering. They can then be harvested whenever the gardener wishes, providing lots of baby “new-potatoes” with that sought-after “new potato” taste in the depths of winter.

They can be an enjoyable addition to Christmas dinner (hence the reason they are sometimes called Christmas potatoes). Summer Planting seed potatoes can be grown throughout the UK.

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  • Height and spread: 60cm (24″).
  • Available to purchase in bundles of 10
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**All our seed potatoes are Safe Haven Certified and grown in both Scottish and Welsh farms. The ‘ring fence’ that the scheme provides ensures that all seed within the scheme is only grown from Safe Haven-sourced seed or disease-free nuclear stock and this helps protect against any pests and diseases not found in Britain which affect potatoes**

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