Aphids (Control with Lacewing Larvae)

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Although aphids are their favourite diet, in addition, lacewing larvae will feed on other small insects such as thrips, red spider mite and mealy bugs. Can be used inside or outside, introduce when aphids are first seen.

Remove the muslin cover from the pack, hold the pack open side downward over the plants and tap sharply on the base to dislodge the lacewing larvae. This product should be spread as thinly as possible and as near as possible to the insects to be controlled. Please note whilst the preferred diet is greenfly and blackfly, lacewing larvae will also consume many other small insect including the eggs and young larvae of moths and sawflies.

BC04 100 larvae pack (treats 15 – 20 sqm) £9.99

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Biological Controls are only available to be sent to Mainland UK as they are live animals. Any further afield will compromise the performance and the quality of the product.

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