Vitax 6X pelleted poultry chicken manure pellets are oven sterilised to eradicate pathogens and weeds.
***Available to buy in 8kg tubs or 20kg bags***

The pellets contain trace elements to feed the soil and is a 100% natural feed which is ideal for flowers, lawns, vegetables, trees and roses.The easy-to-use pellets are weed and bug free and are highly concentrated, meaning that only handfuls rather than barrowloads are required.
Features and Benefits:
*Are 6 to 8 times richer than farmyard manure 6x chicken manure 8kg tub
*Ideal for all soils, flowers, lawns, vegetables, shrubs, trees, pot plants and hanging baskets
*Can be used as a top dressing
*One or two handfuls can be incorporated into the soil when planting
*Can be mixed with compost for use as a planting medium
*Are 100% organic, for safe use around children, pets and wildlife